Slots History

The Origin of Slots

Slot machine history has begun with the first slot machine was made by Charles Fey in his basement which he named the Liberty Bell. Fey's slot machine was very heavy having been made of 100 pounds of cast iron. It lacked the symbols used in slot machines today but instead featured a star, horse shoes, and playing card suits like diamond and spades. This original part of slot machine history can be viewed at the Liberty Belle Saloon and Restaurant in Reno.

Fey made another slot machine named Operator Bell Slot Machine. It featured Fruit designs and set higher standards for slot machines designs. Fey later changed the design of slot machines to look like vending machines when the authorities turned against his slot machines.

The Bell-Fruit Gum Company is rumored to have stolen one of Fey's machine and modeled many vending machines along its design thereby becoming the first company to mass produce slot machines. These slot machines were used to dispense gum to disguise them from police and members of the public.

Slot machines later became illegal due to anti gambling movement. San Francisco was the first in slot machine history to ban slots in 1909 followed by Nevada the following year. California State followed suit in 1911. By 1930 all states had banned slot machines and they were destroyed along side vending machines which looked like the slot machine.

The History of Modern Slots

The modern slot machine history has begun in the 1960s when Bob Dylan made electric slots for Las Vegas Strip which proved more secure and standardized minimizing the cheats associated with the earlier mechanical versions. These new slot machines soon found their war into many casino floors. The slot machines witnessed another revolution in the 1970s when microchips and random number generators were invented. The random number generators and microchips were used to determine the spin of reels.

Slots got more modernized during slot machine history as the microchip technologies advanced. In the 80s all casinos used microchip powered slots which in effect brought their profits under control as the cheating opportunities diminished and the slot machines became cheaper and cheaper. The advances made it possible to port codes to online free slots and the game has never stopped growing popular.

Today you do not need to waste your time going to a real casino to play slots but can easily access it online and in the comfort of your home. Slot machine today account for 70 to 80% of casino revenue in the U.S. and has experienced tremendous growth in popularity around the world. The online casinos have also led to the emergence of many variations of slot machine but the essence of the game remains the same.

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