Slot machine Reels

Slot machine Reels

Today almost all casinos have reel machines on their floors and these machines come in different types and varieties. Modern casinos today offer players with a variety of slot machines which will suit all tastes and at the same time offer various payouts conditions. The reel slot machine is today the most common slot machines in many casinos.

How they Work

Reel slot machines are also referred to as mechanical slot machines and they are machines that are designed with reels that have several symbols painted on each one of them. There are many different types of reel slot machines but probably the most common ones are the 3 reel slot machine and the 5 reel slot machine even though there are reel slot machines that have 7 or more reels. The symbols that are printed on the reels are usually based on a certain theme of that particular machine and most modern machines use symbols that are popular in TV shows such as the movies, actors, singers, cartoon characters as well symbols found in the wheel of fortune. There is also a classic reel slot model which usually has symbols of fruits such as plums, lemons as well as cherries. It is also important to keep in mind that different machines have different number of symbols. When the reel of the machine stops spinning the symbols will stop at different combinations. If there two or more identical symbols that appear on the pay line after the reel has stopped spinning then the player will be rewarded and this will depend on the specific slots machines pay out guideline which is usually available on the machines display. The modern reel slot machines have introduced more pay lines so this means that players will need to have more coins in order to activate these additional pay lines just like in multiline straight slots. The higher the number of pay lines the higher the chance of possible winning combinations. The modern reel slot machine offers players with several extra features such as multipliers and bonuses.

3 reel slots

Were first introduced in 1895 which was the liberty bell slot machine by then and gained vast popularity and today players can find these games both through the traditional way and also through the internet usually referred to as video slots which are actually graphically simulated reels. These are the most popular types of slots in the world mainly because of their simplicity. There are several pay out options in 3 reels for example there are game with multiple pay lines, multiple coins, high jackpots, bonuses as well as multipliers. The odds of winning jackpots in this game usually increase when players plays maximum bets on maximum pay lines.

5 reel slots

These machines were developed to extend the classical 3 reel machine and this machine offered players with increased number of pay lines. The odds of winning a combination are quite lower in 5 reel slots than in 3 reel slots but on the other hand they offer high payouts.

Loco Panda Casino

Bonus : $4000

High Noon Casino

Bonus : $2000

Slots Plus Casino

Bonus : $7000

Sloto Cash Casino

Bonus : $7777

Club Usa Casino

Bonus : $777


$ 7.942.771.89