Big Bertha Slot Machine

Big Bertha Slot Machine

With the popularity of the slot machine games many developers have been pressured to build a bidder model of the machine and this is what resulted in the Big Bertha slot machine. This machine measures 6 by 10 foot and costs more than $150 to produce. Big bertha slot machines are powered by a 5 horse power electric motor which is used for driving the 20 inch wide chain wheels. The big bertha slot machines contain 8 reels that contain 20 symbols each and also include more than 25.6 billion different combinations.

Out of all these combinations it is only one combination that is able to pay the jackpot which is $1million and if you do the math this will mean that the odds of this game will mean that the player as to pull the arm of the machine for 205 billion times at $1 per spin to be able to win at least once. Though these odds paint a grim picture, players will mainly have to depend on luck to win these games and this has resulted in many players winning the jackpot at their first few try’s so players should not be discouraged. The highest amount of money to have been won when playing the Big Bertha Slot Machine in United States stands at $65, 093.

This amount was won in Harold’s club which is Reno in the year 1973 where the player used the $1 progressive machines. There have been other winners recently and one notable one is the woman who won over $1,000,000 in an Ontario casino in Canada. When the Big Bertha slot machine first came into existence it quickly became a favorite for many players and no sooner had this occurred did other manufacturers start making similar slot machines. The main goal of the Big Bertha slot machine was to have a big slot machine.

There are not many casinos that provides these types of slots machines today and this means that players who would want to experience these games will have to conduct a research on some of the casinos that provide these slot machines and choose the ones that have credibility in this specific type of business. Super big bertha has today replaced the regular big bertha slot machine and this one contains 8 reels where each one of these reels is printed with 20 different symbols. This machine is usually used by the wealthy gamblers given the amount of jackpots that the machines offer. This slot machine uses the Random Number Generator to select different number combinations that are used to determine the winners. The numbers in these case will be the symbols that will be displayed on the screen as soon as the reels stop spinning.

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