Video Slots Online

Video Slots are in fact quite different from the classic ones. They don’t contain physical reels and their operation principle is different as well. You should know that, even though you can see the virtual reels spinning – when you press the “START” button, the combination which is going to appear on the screen has already been determined.

Most video slots machines contain 5 virtual reels, and multiple paylines, although it doesn’t mean that there’re no any other variants, as the slot machine games developers have indeed great fantasy. And one more thing to be mentioned about them – they have more possible winning combinations, because they contain more symbols on virtual reels, and possibility to play many lines at once really increases your winning chances as well.

For the last decades, video slots gained a big popularity among gamblers, as they have cool graphics and really vast variety of themes, so everyone can find something that really appeals to him/her most of all. Of course they offer various bonuses, like extra games and frees spins, which is really cool, because you’re not going to find such things on the regular slot machine.

Of course whether to go with them or not - it’s a choice you have to make yourself. But remember – you’re never going to be bored, if you play video slots, as they offer huge variety of games and themes!

So, there’re five main differences between Video Slots and 
 the Regular Slot Machines:

1. Video slot machines have virtual reels, instead of physical ones;

2. Video slots machines offer bonuses;

3. In the video slot machines one may find really cool graphics and vast variety of themes;

4. The result of a spin in a video slot machines is determined as soon as one has pressed the “START” button”;

5. As video slot machines offer more winning combinations, the odds are higher.

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