3D slots

3D slots

3d slots are one of the newest online casino software providers that are available in the market today developed by Betsoft. The company not only provides the normal selection of casino favorites like classic slot machines but also an innovative line of the most advanced slot machines which are now referred to 3D slots. 3D slots are thereby slot machines that have several advancements and improvements in the way the slot games are presented to players as compared to the standard video slot machines. The basic rules of the 3D slots game are usually the same as those of the standard slot games and it is only the look and feel of the game that are different. 3D slots do not have only static non-animated symbols and lifeless screen backgrounds instead they have various animations as well as moving parts. 3D slots have characters that move around the screen and this make the backgrounds come back to life. Every win in 3D slots is also animated by a short sequence of animations which usually brings a little extra fun to each game.


These features were the best when 3D slots started but today the game has seen so many transformations to its advantage. One of the main transformations of this game was the addition of extensive voice acting which fully fleshed out the themes that each game explored. Another significant transformation of this game was the addition of animated sequences which made scenes play out just like in computer animated films or a TV show. The 3D animation effects are built into the 3D games which added extra dimensions to bonus rounds as well as special features that made them feel like truly exciting sequences that any slot player would like to engage in. Today the 3D slots are very different form the first 3D slots given that today they offer the best presentations as well as game features that were not available before. The 3D slots today also offer excellent odds as well as large pay outs which puts them near the top in regards to online slots. 3D slots can also be played online today.

How to Play

Online 3D slots however can be quite repetitive if played for a long time because the process starts with pushing a button, spinning the reels and collecting your prizes. The player will then rinse and repeat the process. Online 3D slots are also very simple when going on autopilot as opposed to table games given that the tables do not really have a strategy to be followed during play. It is important to keep in mind that slot machines are designed to be fun and engaging so all players are supposed to ensure that they play the game only for entertainment purposes. 3D slots provides players with a whole new experience of playing slots leaving out the boredom that had started being associated with regular slots. Although Betsoft is the company that is associated with introducing 3D slots, today there are many companies that provides these games and so it will be prudent to do some research before choosing any of the companies.

Loco Panda Casino

Bonus : $4000

High Noon Casino

Bonus : $2000

Slots Plus Casino

Bonus : $7000

Sloto Cash Casino

Bonus : $7777

Club Usa Casino

Bonus : $777


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