Slots Books

Break One-Armed Bandit

Frank Scoblete

This book, which one of the most famous slot books, starts with a brief history and evolution of slots back to 1994 just when the online versions were emerging. It delves on some strategies such as stretching the casino edge, finding machines which are loose, playing tournaments, how to avoid con games, how to manage your money among others.

Gambling Teachers Electronical-Book

Gayle Mitchell

The book is a collection of slot books papers on several topics including Learn how to Win and 77 Lessons from 7 Top Gambling Experts. It contains 10 chapters on Poker -Games, Blackjack, Craps, Video Poker, Slots, Keno and Bingo, Roulette, Other Games like Baccarat and European games among others. It is available online in PDF format for download.

How to Play & Win Millions by Playing at Slot Machines! Or Loose Trying

Frank Legato

Frank Legato -a noted professional Slots player and takes the opportunity through his slot books to write about his 20 years in the industry of experience as a slot player. He explains how slots work and which games are more promising plus the varied payouts among other things. He explains more about which machines would pay back more money along with which ones pay more frequently. He writes about slot machines to be avoided among others. It really is a good book to read especially considering that the author has hands on experience in the game.

Video Slots Powerful Profits

Victor Royer

This one of slot books is more particular covering mainly video slots like 'Wheel of Fortune' and 'Jeopardy'. It provides important advice on how you can play and improve your odds at video slot machines. It touches on wagering strategies as well.

Reel History

David Mead

This is like a catalogue of slot machines which contains pictures of various machine manufactured before the year 1980 and includes their models, manufacturing dates, and the names of manufacturers.

Robbing One-Arm Bandits

Charles Lund

This book explains exclusively about 49 slot machines though there is a supplement which covers additional 15. The explains how to find a valuable slot machine and puts more emphasis on finding the right machine that makes your chances of winning easier instead of spending more time playing in a casino and winning nothing.

Handbook of Slot Machine Buyer

David Saul

This is more or less a catalogue featuring 950 slots machines but goes a step a head to analyze them and offers expertise advice to prospective slot machine buyers.

Slot Machines: Favorite Gaming Device of America

Marshall Fey

This is a more detailed resource os slot books covering its history and myths from inception through the turbulent times to modern day online casinos.

Slot Operations- The Math and Myth

Rich Lehman

This book is a management book on slots casino and provides very useful information to those interested in running slots casinos. It is also useful to those who may just be interested in learning more about the game.

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