Online Pookies

Online Pookies

Pookies is an Australian slang word which means slots. There are several gaming machines that are used to play this game but probably the most popular is the 5 video reel slot game which uses multi line and provides players with bonuses of different types. Online pookies is also provided by several websites and this will mean that players will first have to conduct a research in order to be able to get the best site to play from. The best place to conduct this research is through the various review websites which will provide you with honest information which is based on facts thereby providing you with more about pookies. The information will also include the history of the game, how to play as well as tips for winning this game.


It was in 1953 when an Australian company known as Aristocrat came up with a version of the then popular American slot game and named it Clubman designed by Joe Heywood. This game was then replaced by clubmaster in 1955 and a year later gambling in Australia was legalized which resulted in various games being introduced including pookies. The game was an instant hit even though they were quite basic at that time. The game went through some transformations to become what it is now. In the beginning the game had 3 spinning reels with 3 or 5 lines. The first video slot was introduced in the mid 1980’s.

How to Play

There are many myths about how this game is played and perhaps the most important thing that every player should know is that there is no specific way that one can use to keep winning consistently. Every spin on each pookie machine is always random. Some players have come to believe that playing with one machine for a long period of time they will have better chances of winning and this is a misconception. It is important to always remember that each spin and each game is independent from each other given that the machines do not have any memory thereby they do not store the previous results of games. This means even if you see a machine that keeps losing it will win at some point. Every pookie machine has an in built program that is capable of generating thousands of outcomes every second. When a player presses the spin button in a span of millisecond the machine will pick out one result in a random manner using the random number generator and continue generating thousands of combinations even if the machine is idle. Symbols on the reels will then line up and this will be the results of that particular spin.


The payout percentage of the online pookies is set at between 87% and 99% and most games are between 90% and 93% so it is important to find out the exact percentage before you start playing. It is important to keep in mind also that games that have a payout percentage of over 100% will mean that players will more likely lose.

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