Slot Machine Cheats

Business at Slot Machine Cheats

Slot games revenues are estimated to constitute a staggering 80% of casino games revenues world wide and it is also estimated that there could be in excess of 3,000,000 slot machines world wide. Hundreds millions in dollars have been stolen from the slot machines over time with up to a $100 million dollars documented as having been lost in just Nevada; many books had been written about the phenomenon of slot machine cheats. It is not interesting to note that 97.1% of slots cheats were never found nor arrested.

Today's casinos are installed with a large number of spy cameras but they are sometimes so many to effectively monitor and respond to suspicious activity in a timely manner. Crooks still manage to identify and use certain blind spots in the casino surveillance systems. The crooks have found it convenient to train these new slots cheats in exchange of stolen profits. This makes the numbers involved so large that it is difficult to associate certain images with several instances.

Slot machine cheats tools range from very simple to more complicated ones with prizes varying from very low to some very high. They are either improvised or purchased ready made including online and from black market.

A Legend of Slot Machine Cheats

Tommy Glenn Carmichael is well known in slot machine cheats developmant. He used a device called "top bottom joint" with which he was caught and then sentenced to prison but upon release invented another tool since the security systems had changed. The next tool was a "slider" or "monkey paw" which he successfully inserted into the slot machine and tripped the payout switch. This was soon discovered and systems changed but Tommy was not to give up. He later modeled a device which was tongue-shaped and could add credits on the machine for possible outs. He was caught for a second time and given a probation period. His name was blacklisted in Nevada's Black Book. This book contained at least 27% of slots cheats. He currently works on various anti-cheating technologies to stop his likes from executive motives like his own. He features in the series in History Channel called Breaking Vegas.

How to cheat at slot machines

Mechanical and electronic slot machines use a number of pulleys and gears which require a cheat to manipulate to get the reels to stop where they want to cheat successfully.

Counterfeit Tokens, Shaved Coins, and Coins on Strings

These are all used in slot machine cheats to either get a player play money game for free or play for higher amounts than is actually paid with the intention to get payment entitlement not deserved. These were used sometimes back but have little relevance today due to technological advancements.

The Future of Slots Cheating

As technology advances, chances for slot machine cheats getting slimmer and slimmer. With the online games the chances seem completely eliminated but land based casinos are also sealing the loop holes.

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