Book Review - the slot machine answer book

The slot machine answer book

Slot machines are changing every day and this has been happening since the introduction of these games. One of the most popular changes to have affected this game is the introduction of bonus rounds, the disappearance of the handles in the machines as well as new amounts of pay offs. It is for this reason that it is important for any player to have a slot machine answer book as this will guide them in making important decisions while playing any slot machine and thereby increase their chances of winning some of the highest jackpots in the gaming world. There are many books in the market today that are running as slot machine answer books and that is why it is necessary to research through book reviews to ensure that you get the best book in the market today. The slot machine answer book is supposed to have all the related topics that will affect a player’s chance of winning. The set up should always be in a question and answer format. Some questions come in multiple choices while some come with yes or no option as well as true or false option. There are many questions that are asked about slot machines but it is only prudent to list the most common ones.

Question: What is the largest jackpot ever hit in the United States?

Answer: The largest jackpot in the US is $39,713,982.55 which was hit on the Las Vegas Strip at Excalibur on a Megabucks machines in March 2003. The winner was a 25 year old from California who was visiting family.

Question: True or False a player is more likely to hit the jackpot if the casino is crowded.

Answer: False. This is because the number of times a slot machine is played does not determine if it will win or lose as every spin and game is independent from each other.

Question: What is a Yahtzee?

Answer: This is a reel spinning game that adds the element of skill.

There are many other questions that are included in many answer books and the most important thing to keep in mind is that there are many myths that are doing rounds about different aspects of the slot machines and it is therefore important to ignore all the books that entertain any of these myths. Any answer book that has more than 2 negative book reviews should also be ignored immediately. It is also advisable to look into the book review platforms that have been around for a long period of time as this proves that they have been able to provide the right information all this while thereby staying on top of their game always which is the most important thing especially keeping in mind that the slot machine games are changing rapidly.

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