Slot Machine Strategy Tips

Slot Machine Strategy


It is a common belief that winning at slots requires just your luck. And we’re not going to deny the obvious – luck really is very important… But, if you intend to play smart – you need to acquaint yourself with some slot machine strategy types. Although, use of these strategies doesn’t mean you’re going to win no matter what, but it does increase your chances. Of course, which strategy you’re going to choose is – 100% up to you. But keep in my mind that if you’re new to the slots – don’t try anything too complicated, it may lead to the significant money loss, and bad mood as a result. And it’s the last thing everyone wants!

Remember any slot machine strategy may increase your chances of winning, but doesn’t give you 100% guarantee!

Naked pulls

Other name sometimes used for this slot machine strategy is “Naked numbers”. Its main idea is to choose a certain amount of spins (from 7 to 14). For example, if you’ve tried the one machine 7 times, don’t try the same machine for the 8th, if you see that it doesn’t work for you, change the machine and try your luck with another one.

Up the steps

The main concept of the slot machine strategy is very simple, and it’s one of the most smart and popular slot machine strategies among the gamblers. If you’re winning – increase the bets, or even go with the max ones, but if you’re not – stay at the minimum bet level. It’ll save your money and nerves.

Chicken strategy

As it may be understood from the name, this slot machine strategy is very alike to the chicken’s behavior. This strategy may also be called “Play and Run”. You should simply try as many machines in the casino as possible and go away (of course within the money amount set for the game!). It’s important to remember that even if you lose – you should leave anyway, because you have to stick to your own budget.

Squirrel strategy

First thing about the squirrel strategy you have to find your lucky machine (by just trying every machine in the hall). Once you’ve found it – stick with it, and just try to win as much as possible out of it. And, of course, if you see that it’s definitely your lucky day – you may even consider increasing the bets.

Loss Limits Strategy

This kind of approach should be used by those players, who are very careful and don’t want to lose all of their money at once. It implies strict sticking to a budget. Actually you may play any way you like, but when you run out of money you just stand up and leave.

Umbrella Strategy

This one of slot machine strategies is very easy to remember, if you know the umbrella works. First you start with the small bets, and slowly increase them. After reaching the highest possible bet you start decreasing them to the smaller ones.

Progressive Strategy

The first thing to be mentioned about the progressive strategy is that you shouldn’t try if you’re new to the slots. The main concept is – always play the maximum bets, and with every other bet made, your chances to win are higher. Also, it is believed, that you if you know for sure, that the machine has just hit a jackpot, you shouldn’t play it.

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