Slots Winners

Slots Winners

The game of slot machines has made many people become rich by way of winning games in different casinos and this is has been happening from the first slot machine to the modern slot machine available in many casinos today. Every player who steps into a casino to play a slot machine must have hopes of winning something by the time they have finished playing. Even though not all player will be able to win, going through the strategies and tips of the games previous winners may provide you with the perfect picture to use when playing your game. It is important to keep in mind then that all the previous winners of the slot games before have been experienced professionals as there are some amateurs who have also found themselves lucky. This should be able to let you know that all a player needs to do is have wise strategies while using the various positive strategies that are available for the specific game they are playing and with some bit of luck they may walk home will lots of cash. All the biggest slot winners who are known today have done so using the progressive jackpot game which is known as Megabucks. This jackpot starts at $7 million and will continue to grow until a winner is announced. The Megabucks network of slot machines covers more than 150 locations and this is mainly in the state of Nevada. The most important thing to keep in mind here is that the higher the number of participants in this game the higher the jackpot will be.

Example of Winners

1. Elmer Sherwin is one of the famous Megabucks jackpot winners and this is because he has managed to win it 2 times with the second win coming when he was 92 years of age winning a total of $21 million. His first win was a total of $4.8 million. He decided to give back his second winnings to victims of the Hurricane Katrina.

2. Amy Nishimura is another famous slot winner who hails from Hawaii. Amy won a jackpot of 48.9 million when she was 71 years and was on vacation in Las Vegas and the most interesting thing is that she had only played an average of $100 when she won the jackpot.

3. The largest jackpot to have been won was $39.7 million at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in March 2003 by a 25 year old man who was in Las Vegas visiting family. This man had only spent $100 when he won this jackpot.

Going through the few winners who have been mentioned above it is clear that luck can strike anyone and any specific time so it is not true to say that all slot winners are experienced slot players. The examples also show that lady luck doesn’t usually come around once as is the case of Mr. Sherwin who has won a jackpot twice.

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