Slot Cheating Devices

Slot Cheating Devices

The slot machine games have become very popular today and this has resulted in many players trying to find ways of cheating the slot system. This has resulted in many of them turning to various devices that have the capability of altering the results of many slot machines. Most of these devices are tiny meaning that players can hide them in their pockets or women’s purse making them invisible to any security camera installed in the casino hall as well as from the security guards who are always making rounds in the casino halls. These device also use the latest technologies meaning that all casino owners will need to be always on their toes to ensure that they plan ahead to counter any methods that the cheaters may be thinking of coming up with. Many security analysts may not be aware of these technologies due to its sophistications as well as the largely unknown criminal elements of the devices.

Slot Machine Jackpotter

This is a device which blinds the counting system that is in the slot machine. This device is simple but there are people who are able to fool the counting mechanism of the coins on any standard slot machine as well as a video poker machine. This device can be operated from any ones pocket, purse or even from a cigarette pack.

Bill Acceptor Beater

This device is used in disguising financial transactions. The device uses several methods of modifying the currency so that the bill changers and acceptors believe they are seeing a real transaction.

The Hook

This is a simple device that is designed to offset counter measures that are more sophisticated against the coin counting system. This crude device fools a coin counting system in standard slots as well as in video poker machines. It also works in machines that have counter measures installed for stopping devices that are similar to the slot machine jackpotter.

Blackjack Beater

This device is used to outsmart even the most sophisticated blackjack dealers. The device is silent, it vibrates and it is pocket sized. It looks like a car alarm transmitter and it allows players to be able to count the cards in an easy and accurate manner and at the same time in a discreet way.

The Avalanche

This device affects the counting system in a slot machine thereby giving players a larger payout. The device is as small as an average thumb finger making it concealable in almost anything and thereby making it difficult for cameras and security personnel to notice it.

Monkey Wire

This is a cheating method where a wire is inserted in the coin hopper in order to block the counting mechanism thereby preventing the machine from knowing how much it has paid out.

Light Wand

This device works similarly to the monkey wire and it was developed by Tommy Glenn Carmichael. This device was started after many casino owners found out the monkey wire and put up measures to counter it. This device is small and at the same time light consisting of a wire, a small battery as well as a tiny bulb. This device is also inserted through the coin hopper in order to blind the optical reader using the light.

Other devices that are used to cheat slot machines include Drilling, coin hopper and jackpot blaster.

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