Book Review -Slots Conquest - How to Beat the Slot Machines

How to Beat the Slot Machines

Today there are so many gambling books on the market that claim they can help players beat the slot machines but most of these books have nothing in them that gives the players what they need to have. Slots Conquest – How to Beat the Slot Machines is not one of these books given that it provides players with all the information needed in beating any slot machine. The book is written by Scoblete and it actually explains the various slot machines that can be beaten and those that are a bit complex in beating. The book also explains to players the best time of and best ways of beating the slot machines that are currently available in most of our casinos.

The book offers a step by step way of playing these machines and at the same time offers the players advice on machines that may not be advantage play although they come close. If players follow the advice contained in this book to the latter they will be able to get a real edge over the house. Scobletes books are highly trusted in the market today and that is because he himself has played almost all of these slot machines and won a great deal of money.

Another good thing about this book is that it not only gives the players the tips about how to beat various slot machine games but the author has also gone ahead and added some humor in way of fun writing so that readers will not get bored as soon as they have read a few pages. This aspect of including fun writing in books has resulted in many sales since no one is willing to read tens of pages with no humor in it. The humor in this book is wide spread meaning that readers will remain informed and entertained from the first page to the last page. If you also look into the internet, it will be safe to say that most slot machine winners have accredited this book as their guide to their wins.

If you get to go through some of the feedback that may people have left about the book I think it is fair to say that the book is one of the best in the market covering the specific topic of beating the slot machines. Scobletes has written many other books and in some cases it will be better to go through some of his other books to ensure that you do not miss anything that will make you beat the slot machine. The price of the book is also considered as affordable by many given the information contained therein and what it is capable of earning you in terms of amount of money won in a slot machine game using the advice given by this book.

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