Slots Myths

Pulling the handle or pushing the button

The spinning of the reels is what determines the result in slot machine and simply does not matter whether the reel is moved by pushing the button or pulling the handle. These are only design aspects with no impact on the slot game.

A machine has not been hit for long and is overdue for hitting

One of the most common of slot machine myths is that if a machine has not been hit for long, it is overdue for hitting. Slot machines are designed with Random Number Generators which determines a winning combination on any spin and there is no sequence that is followed along which you can reasonably suggest some combination will be due after any given time frame. The game of slot is an absolute chance game.

A machine has been hit and is least likely to hit soon

The other of common slot machine myths is that if a machine has been hit it is least likely to hit soon. The Random Number Generator does not favor any sequence and in each spin there are equal chances of hitting and not hitting.

The machine has been hit twice in a short span - it is hot

There are occasions when you may witness a scenario where one player rushes to play on a slot machine where others have just hit hoping they will be equally lucky. Most often they are disappointed because the slot game is pure chance and follows no known pattern.

Another player won my jackpot - As soon as I left the machine hit

One more of slot machine myths is that someone can won your jackpot. The slot machine does not work like that and there is little possibility that your continued stay on the machine would result in a jackpot. Each game is treated similarly by the RNG,so it can be rather difficult to cheat slots.

Inserting coins manually is better than playing a loaded card

The only difference in these scenarios is the time taken to make bet wit one method being faster than the other but that has no correlation with any prospects of winning.

The casinos manipulate the machines determining which one wins when.

Another of slot machine myths is that casino determines the winner. The casinos reserve the right to set machines on different payout percentages. A machine with a higher payout percentage to some extent makes it more likely to win than one with a lower payout percentage. But the casinos do not in actual sense determine at what point and time the machine will actually hit which makes this myth look like fact but it is certainly not.

Some machines are loose and other tight

This can be explained the adjustment on payout ratio above so it may be partially true that one machine may offer more prospects of hitting than another.

Jackpots are hit more often casinos are busy.

The slot machine is sincerely a game of chances - it is not one of slot machine myths. When you choose a larger sample you definitely have more chances but this does not mean that the individuals in larger sample have any better chances than individuals in smaller sample. The RNG ensures fair play at all times.

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